Panchkarma Packages

Ayurved Panchakarma Treatment Rates

Panchakarma Procedure Indications and benefits Cost(INR) Book Now
Vaman Beneficial in disorders caused due to KaphaDosha, Asthma and Recurrent Respiratory Tract Diseases, Hyperacidity and Skin Diseases 8000
Virechan Beneficial in disorders caused due to Pitta Dosha, Skin Diseases, Asthma, Liver Disorders, Anemia, Blood Disorders, Ano rectal Diseases, Gastro intestinal tract diseases. 8000
Basti Beneficial in disorders caused due to VataDosha, Neuro muscular diseases, Gastro intestinal tract diseases, Diseases of bones and joints, Gynecological disorders and infertility, Diabetes, Obesity, Paralysis (Hemiplegia and Paraplegia) Single Session 500
Yoga Basti (8) sessions 7000
Karma Basti(30) sessions 12000
Single Session
Yoga Basti (8) sessions
Kaal Basti(16) sessions
Karma Basti(30) sessions
Nasya Beneficial in diseases of head and neck region like Sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis, Headache, Cervical spondylosis Hairloss, Facial paralysis, Memory loss, Frozen shoulder. 2000 per session
Abhyanga-(Sarvanga) Full Body Oil Massage Alleviates disorders caused due to VataDosha, Neuro muscular diseases, Anxiety, Fatigue and Stress. Rejuvenates the body tissues, improves the muscle tone and the skin tone and luster. 1500 per session
Abhyanga-(Ekanga) Localized oil Massage. Beneficial in Arthritis, Sciatica, Cervical and lumbar spondylosis, Frozen shoulder, pain due to muscle spasm and sprain. 300 per session
SarwangaBashpaSweda/PetiSweda(Full Body Medicated Steam) Beneficial in disorders caused due to Vata and KaphaDoshas, Neuromuscular diseases like paralysis, Musculoskeletal diseases like Polyarthritis. 500 per session
NadiSweda(Localized Medicated Steam) Beneficial in disorders due to KaphaDosha and Obesity. 1000 per session
Pinda Sweda/Navarkizhi(Inclusive of oil application) Beneficial in pain, swelling and stiffness of joints, backache, degeneration of bones as in osteoporosis, pain due to tendonitis, synovitis, muscle sprain and spasm, peripheral neuritis. 2000 per session
WalukaPottaliSweda Alleviates pain and stiffness of joints caused due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. 300 per session
Sarwanga Taila Dhara Beneficial in neuromuscular disorders. 2500 per session
Pidichil Beneficial in neuromuscular disorders. 2500 per session
SarwangaKsheerDhara/ Kashaya Dhara/Takra Dhara Beneficial in neuromuscular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases. 2500 per session
Shrio Basti Beneficial in Insomnia, Mental stress, premature graying of hair, Cranial nerve disorders. 1000 per session
Kati Basti Beneficial in back pain due to spondylosis, intervertebral disk prolapse, Ankylosing spondylitis, Sacroilitis. 500 per session
Uro Basti Beneficial in chest pain due to costochondritis. Also beneficial in cardiovascular diseases. 500 per session
Janu Basti Beneficial in pain and stiffness of knee joints due to arthritis. 500 per session
Manya/Greeva Basti Beneficial in pain and stiffness of neck due to cervical spondylosis. 500 per session
Netra Tarpan Beneficial in Eye disorders like Dry eyes, conjunctivitis, Computer Vision Syndrome, refractive errors like short-sightedness. 1000 per session
Udvartan Beneficial in Obesity, excessive sweating and bad body odor. Improves tone and complexion of the skin. 1000 per session
JaloukaAvacharan Beneficial in localized swelling, inflammation, skin diseases 500 per Jalouka per session
Shiro Abhyanga(Head Massage) Beneficial in hairloss, premature graying of hair, mental stress, anxiety, insomnia and headache. 600 per session
Dhoomapana Beneficial in Respiratory tract and ENT disorders 300 per session
Vidddha Karma Beneficial in localized pain and inflammation 1000 per site per session
Siravyadha Beneficial in skin disorders, inflammation, swelling, disorders due to vitiation of Rakta Dosha, Gout, Pitta Disorders 2500 per session (including Abhyanga & Swedan)

Treatment Packages (Save up to Rs.1000-1500 on treatment Cost)

Panchakarma Procedure Indications and benefits Cost(INR) Book Now
Panchakarma /Whole Body Detoxification Package Duration Approximately 60 days Includes Vaman, Virechan, Yoga Basti (Anuvasan Basti and Niruha Basti 8 session), Nasya (3 sessions), Raktamokshan/ Siravedha (1 session) 25,000
Rejuvenation Package Duration 3/5/7 days Includes following treatment sessions
1. Abhyanga(Body Massage)+Shiro Abhyanga(Head Massage)+ Swedan - 3 days 6000
2. Abhyanga(Body Massage)+ Shirodhara+ Swedan(Medicated Steam- 3 days 9000
3. Sarwanga Taila Dhara+ Shirodhara+ Swedan(Medicated Steam)+ Shirodhara 3 days 12,000
4. Abhyanga + Shiroabhyanga+ Swedan- 5 days 12,000
5. Abhyanga + Shirodhara+ Swedan- 5 days 14,000
6.SarwangaTailaDhara+ Shirodhara+ Swedan(Medicated Steam)-5 day 20,000
7. Abhyanga(Body Massage)+ Shiroabhyanga+ Swedan(Medicated Steam)- 7 days 16,000
8. Abhyanga(Body Massage)+ Shirodhara+ Swedan(Medicated Steam) - 7 days 22,000
9. SarwangaTailaDhara+ Shirodhara+ Swedan(Medicated Steam)-7 day 28,000
Stress Reduction package Duration 7 days /14 days This package includes following daily treatment sessions
2. Swedan
2. Shirodhara
3. Nasya
25000 for 7 days
45500 for 14 days
Arthritis management package Duration 7 days/16 days This package includes daily treatment sessions of
2. Swedan
2. Yoga Basti/Kaal Basti Course
3. Sthanik Basti (Kati/Janu/Manya Basti)
15,000 for 7 days
30000 for 16 days

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