8 factors iwhich influence diet- Charak Samhita

17 Oct 21 02:40 PM

Ahaara Vidhi Visheshayatanani- - 8 factors iwhich influence diet- Charak Samhita

These are eight specific factors of method of dieting – Prakriti (nature), karana (processing), Samyoga (combination), rashi (quantity), desha (place), kala (time/ stage of the disease), upayoga -samstha (rules for use) and upayoktra (consumer). 

Prakriti is swabhava, or the natural attribute or trait of a substance, such as heaviness, etc. For example, the prakriti of black gram or pork is heavy, while that of green gram or deer meat is light. 

Karana (processing) is the making or refinement of the dravya, or the samskara that are added to the properties of those substances. These properties are imparted by contact of water and fire, by cleansing, churning, place, time, infusing, steeping, etc. and also by the medium used for storage or processing (e.g., copper vessel, or earthen pot)

Samyoga (combination) is the aggregation or combination of two or more dravya. This exhibits peculiarities that are not seen in case of individual substances, such as combination of honey and ghee, and that of honey, fish and milk

Rashi (quantity) consists of sarvagraha (account of a whole amount or unit) and parigraha (account of part of a substance, or of individual parts (in case the substance is a combination of multiple ingredients or parts)) which ascertain the effect of any food article taken in proper or improper quantity

Desha denotes the geographic region relating that the substance(s) are local or endemic to, and thus, are suitable to

Kala is time. It can be taken to be the ever moving time, as in seasons (e.g., suitable to seasons), or as duration from the standpoint of a condition (e.g., a condition that does not get treated within a specific duration becomes incurable

Upayogasamastha denotes the rules for dieting. This depends on the digestible features (of the food).

Upayokta is the one who consumes the food. On him depends the oka-satmya (i.e.,habituation developed by practice). Thus, are described the specific factors of the method of dieting.



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