Ahara Vidhi Vidhanam

17 Oct 21 02:44 PM

Ahara Vidhi Vidhanam- Proper method of meal consumption- Charak Samhita

One should eat Ushnam/warm (freshly cooked food) because it tastes well and the food consumed stimulates the digestive process, gets digested quickly, normalizes functions of Vata dosha and reduces Kapha dosha (which obstructs digestion process)

One should eat Snigdham/unctuous because it tastes well, the food consumed stimulates any dormant digestive process, gets digested quickly, normalizes functions of vata, nourishes body, provides firmness to sense organs, increases strength, and enhances complexion

One should eat in proper quantity/Matravata without disturbing vatapitta and kapha because that only helps promote one’s life-span, easily passes down the bowels, does not disturb the agni (digestive fire), and gets digested without discomfort.

One should eat when the previous meal is digested/Jeerne because if one eats before earlier meal is digested, mixing with undigested food will vitiate all the dosha quickly. 

One should take food consisting of the items that are non-antagonistic/Aviruddhain nature to ensure one is not afflicted with the disorders caused by food that is unsuitable to the individual.

One should eat in a favorable place/Ishte deshe and with favorable accessories/Ishta Upakaranam because it is important to feel comfortable and satisfied while eating

One should not eat too quickly/ Nati Drutam to ensure the food does not get into the wrong passage, and that the person is able to ascertain the qualities and taste of the food or even detect any defects in the food

One should not eat too slow/Na Ati vilambitam , because by eating too slow one does not get satisfaction, eats much, and the food becomes cold and is digested irregularly

One should eat with utmost concentration/Tanmana on the food, while not talking or laughing. By taking food while talking or laughing or with mind elsewhere, he is inflicted with the same defects as by eating too fast.

One should eat with due consideration to self/Atmanam Abhisamikshya i.e., knowing one’s own constitution and tastes.



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