GERD - Ayurvedic Treatment

17 Oct 21 02:33 PM

Antacids of different kinds and proton pump inhibitors are the mainstay of Allopathic treatment, however they provide only temporary relief and may be harmful in the long run due to their side effects

Ayurvedic Treatment

               Ayurvedic treatment is holistic and aimed at expelling the excess of vitiated Doshas and accumulated toxins in the GI tracts followed by normalizing the functions of Jatharagni, Pitta Dosha and Annavaha Srotas/ Digestive system.

I. Shodhan Chikitsa- Expels vitiated Doshas form the GI system, removes root cause of disease, provides long lasting relief

1. Vaman Karma- Therapeutic Emesis- using Madanphala, Pippali, Vacha, Patola. 

2. Virechan Karma- Therapeutic Purgation- using Trivrut, Triphala, Castor Oil, Haritaki

3. Chakra Basti- Medicated Oil/Ghee is applied and retained over the Navel/Nabhi- stimulates Jatharagni, improves appetite, digestion and absorption.

4. Basti- Therapeutic Enema- Niruha basti and basti with tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (Astringent) dravyas eg. Tikta Ksheer basti- normalizes function of Vata Dosha which is the regulator of gut motilityt.


II. Shaman Chikitsa- Single drugs/medicinal plants and poly herbal and herbo mineral preparations along with diet and lifestyle modifications to stimulate Jatharagni, normalize the functions of Pitta and Vata Doshas and the GI system. 

Important single drugs/medicinal plants 

• Yashtimadhu churna 3 gm twice a day with milk 

• Amalaki churna (Indian gooseberry) 3 gm twice a day with water

• Sunthi churna (dry ginger) 1- 3 gm twice a day with water 

• Shatavari churna 3 gm twice a day with milk 

• Trivrit churna- 5 gm once at night with warm water

• Patol Patra churna- 2-3 gm twice daily with water

• Guduchi churna- 2-3 gm twice daily with water

• Triphala churna- 5 gm once at night with warm water

Medicinal Preparations 

Medicinal Preparation

Important Contents

Kamdudha Rasa 250-500 mg twice a day with Honey

Mukta pisti, Pravala pisti, Mukta suktipisti, Kapardika bhasma, Sankha bhasma, Svarna gairika and Amrta satva

Sutashekhar Rasa (with and without Swarna) 250 mg with Honey twice a day

Shuddha Parad , Gandhak, Tamra, Trikatu, Shankha bhasma, Bilva, Dhatura, Bhringaraj

Prawal Panchamrit Rasa 250-500 mg twice a day

Praval, Mukta, Shankha, Shukti Bhasma, Arka swaras

Leela Vilas Rasa- 125-250  mg twice daily

Shuddha Parad , Gandhak, TamraBhasma, AbhrakBhasma,Vamshalochana, Amla, Bibhitaki

Dhatri Lauha 1/2-1 gm BD with Ghee 

Dhatri (Amla), Lauha bhasma

Bhoonimbadi kwatha 15-20 ml twice a day 

Kalmegh, Neem, Patola, Chirayta, Guduchi, Amalaki

Patoladi kwatha 15-20 ml twice a day

Patola, Triphala, Karanja, Guduchi, Vasa, Brihati

Avipattikar Churna 3-6 gms with water twice a day 

Trivrit, Triphala, Trikatu, Musta, Vidang, Tamalpatra, Lavang

Amalaki Rasayan 1-2 gm twice a day milk

Amalaki, Madhu, Goghrita

Yashti ghrit 6-12 gm twice a day

Yashtimadhu and Goghrita


Do’s (Pathya)

• Regular meal timing, balanced and healthy diet, nutritious and easy to digest food.

• Food items which are Madhura (Sweet), Tikta(Bitter) and Kashaya (Astringent) in taste and pacify Pitta Dosha. 

• Cereals and pulses- Puran Shali (old rice grains), Puffed rice (Laja), Jowar, Bajra, Nachni (Indian millet), Moong (Green Gram), Masoor (Lentil), Matki (Moth), Rajma (Red Kidney beans)

• Vegetables- Patola (Snake gourd), Karvellak (Bitter gourd), Dudhi (Ash gourd), Dhanyak (Coriander), Pudina (Mint), Spinach, Amaranth, Asparagus, Broccoli, Lettuce, Okra, Gawar (Cluster beans), Tomato, cucumber etc.

• Fruits- Amla, Kokam, Apple, Guava, Pomegranate, Papaya, Grapes, Banana, Melon

• Spices- Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger

• Milk products- Cow milk, butter milk, ghee

• Others- Fresh fruit juices of Amla and Kokam, Morawla (Amla Jam), Gulkand (Rose petals jam), Dhanyak Hima (cold infusion of Coriander seeds), clean and boiled water.

• Hot Infusion/Phanta of saunf, jeerak, ajmoda, pudina, shunthi


• Cold Infusion/Hima- of Dhanyak


• Cold Infusion/Hima- of Yashtimadhu



• Adequate sleep and exercise 


• Practice of Yoga (Pashimottanasana, Vajrasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana) and Pranayama


• Sadvritta- Adhere to healthy lifestyle and ethical personal and social behavior.


Don’ts (Apathya)

· Avoid excessive spicy, sour and salty substances 

· Avoid fried and junk food items 

· Do not suppress hunger, avoid frequent fasting, avoid irregular meal timings 

. · Do not overeat, take small frequent meals

· Avoid incompatible diet  

· Avoid lying down immediately after food and in supine position. The best recommended position is left lateral. 

· Avoid, smoking and excess consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, avoid stress and negative emotions.

Thus GERD can be prevented and effectively managed with holistic Ayurvedic treatment.


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