Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

03 Jul 19 12:22 PM

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterised by pain in abdomen, change in bowel movements i.e. diarrhoea or constipation or both, mucus in stool without any visible signs of damage or disease in the digestive tract. Factors responsible for Irritable Bowel Syndrome are excessive intake of processed foods, multitasking, and eating on the run, irregular meal timing, sedentary life, suppression of natural urges, improper sleep habits and stress.  

Signs & Symptoms-  Symptoms vary from person to person and can range from mild to severe. IBS is a long-term condition, so symptoms may come and go and change over time. Fever, low red blood cell levels, rectal bleeding, and unexplained weight loss are not signs of IBS and may indicate a serious medical problem.

IBS symptoms include: Abdominal pain, Fullness, Gas and bloating, Change in bowel habits, Alternating diarrhea or constipation or both.

Allopathic treatment is mainly aimed at symptom relief. Lifestyle changes, medicines (laxatives and anti-diarrheal), probiotics, and mental health therapies (anti-depressant medications) are used to treat IBS. But the patient often remains unsatisfied with the modern treatment.

The disease entity Grahani described in Ayurvedic texts has many symptoms similar to IBS and hence cane be corelated with IBS. According to Ayurveda Grahani is a disease which manifest mainly due to the improper functioning Agni (digestive fire) & Dosha dushti (derangements in basic body elements). The functional dependency between normal Vata Dosha and Agni is altered in Grahani. With varying degree of the involvement of Agni and Vata Dosha, clinical symptoms also vary i.e. diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, headache and fatigue

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda mentions Nidanaparivarjana (avoidance of etiological factors like unhealthy diet , irregular meal timings and unhealthy lifestyle) as the first line of treatment for all diseases. Dipana and Pachana (Digestives and carminatives) drugs are given in the initial stage of IBS. For diarrhoea Mustakaranjadi kashay, Bilwadi gulika, Bilvavaleha, Dadimaastak churna, Kutajarishta are used. For constipation Gandharva haritaki and Triphala are used. Parpati kalpas are used for restoration of Agni and giving strength to small intestine,  Due to Deepan and Grahi properties, Parpati improves absorption and gradually relieves the associated symptoms of IBS. Consumption of plenty of buttermilk is advisable as it is easily digestible, stimulates and strengthens the digestive fire. 

With the help of customized treatment (Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines), Dr.Kohli has successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from IBS. Improvement in appetite, reduction in pain in abdomen, mucus discharge, diarrhoea and or constipations and increase in weight are observed after having customized treatment. The overall quality of life of patients improves significantly with the customized Ayurvedic treatments.

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