Kshar Sutra Therapy (for Fistula in Ano and Piles)

03 Jul 19 12:24 PM

Kshar Sutra Therapy is a unique and minimally invasive para-surgical procedure described in Ayurvedic texts for treatment of ano-rectal diseases like piles/haemorrhoids and fistula in ano. The Kshar Sutra is prepared by coating a surgical linen thread with Ash/Kshar of herbs namely Snuhi and Apamarga and also powder of Haridra specified number of times and then packed for use.

During the Kshar Sutra procedure the  linen thread coated with herbs (Kshar Sutra) is passed in opening of the fistula to be retained there for one week. This thread has to be changed at weekly intervals till the whole fistula is healed. Because of this procedure, the tract is eventually cut and healed by the removal of unhealthy tissue. This controls microbial infection and facilitates drainage of pus in the tract aiding in healing.

The biggest benefit of Kshar Sutra is that recurrence of fistula is very rare, it is cost effective and no major surgery is done.

Due to these obvious therapeutic benefits, Kshar Sutra therapy is highly popular amongst Ayurvedic fraternity and it is now widely accepted and practised by Allopathic Surgeons as well.

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