Slip Disc (Protrusion of disc in cervical/dorsal/lumbar and sacral vertebrae)

03 Jul 19 12:55 PM

The Intervertebral discs are protective shock-absorbing pads between the vertebras of the spine. Each intervertebral disc has two parts: inner portion which is soft, gelatinous in nature and a tough outer ring. Due to Injury or weakness or jerky movements , the inner portion of the disc protrudes through the outer ring. It is known as a slip, herniated or prolapsed disc.

Causative factors for slipped disc are older age, obesity, lifting heavy objects and making jerky movements of spine.

Signs & symptoms- Slip disc causes pain which extends to arm and legs, numbness, pain worsening after long standing, sitting and after specific movement.

Treatments for a slip disc vary from conservative to surgical measures. The treatment depends on the level of discomfort experienced and how far the disc has slipped.In mild to moderate cases taking pain reliever medicines and avoiding heavy lifting and painful positions help to reduce symptoms. In severe cases, surgery is required to remove or repair the slip disc. Long term consumption of pain killers may lead to side effects. 

Slip disc can be corelated with  Nanatmaja Vatavyadhi wherein treatment of Vata becomes very important.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Slipped Disc:

Treatment of slip disc mainly concentrates on normalising the aggravated Vata Dosha. Panchkarma treatments such as Abhyanga (massage with medicated oil), Swedana (fomentation), Basti (Medicated enema), Katibasti (retention of medicated oil on lumber region) and Grivabasti (retention of medicated oil on neck and back regions) are useful to relieve symptoms caused by slip disc. Ayurvedic medicines such as Mahayograj Guggulu, Ekangveer Ras, Brihatvatchintamani Ras etc. are used for management of slip disc. Viddha chikitsa also gives excellent results in slip disc.

Dr. Kohli has successfully treated many cases of slip disc with Ayurvedic treatments (Panchakarma and internal medications and Viddha chikitsa). Ayurvedic treatments help relieve inflammatory changes and spasms and nerve compressions in the affected area, strengthen the supportive tissues of the spine and also help nourishing the joints through improving the circulation. With the help of Ayurvedic treatments almost all patients are able to stop repeated use of pain killers for the management of pain and inflammation caused due to slip disc. Ayurveda management gives excellent relief and the patient is almost totally pain free in a few months. Post treatment precautions are very important to sustain relief for a longer period. Repeated Panchakarma treatments ensure a wonderful recovery.

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